PC SPECIALIST Vortex Fusion XT Gaming PC


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Pc Specialist – 10164399

Top features: – Jaw-dropping VR-Ready 4K visuals with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics – Overclocked processor lets you push your PC’s performance for extreme gaming – Powerful and responsive gaming PC driven by Intel Core i7 processing – Effortless PC management with GeForce technology including ShadowPlay game recording The premium-grade PC Specialist Vortex Fusion XT Gaming PC is part of our Gaming range, which offers the most powerful PCs available. Its high-performance graphics and processing are made to meet the needs of serious gamers.Jaw-dropping VR-Ready 4K visualsPlay even the most graphically demanding games and feel the benefit of cutting-edge gaming technology on the PC Specialist Vortex Fusion XT Gaming PC. It’s fitted with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card to make sure your visuals run with standout speed and smoothness. Driven by a powerful NVIDIA Pascal GPU, it’s made for premium gaming with up to three times the performance of last-gen graphics cards.This PC is VR-Ready, so if you’ve got all the necessary peripherals (sold separately), you can take part in stunningly realistic experiences right at home. If you’ve got a 4K monitor and are playing 4K-enabled titles, the graphics card treats you to near-flawless levels of depth and detail.Overclocked processorGet every last drop of performance out of your gaming PC. The Vortex Fusion XT features overclocking, so you can push its processor and architecture to the limit for faster response, smoother action and premium graphics quality.Intel Hyper-Threading Technology lets you move between apps and multitasking easily. A suite of integrated visual enhancements lets you enjoy your movies, photos, and games with added smoothness. You won’t need any extra hardware.Powerful and responsive gaming PCSmooth gameplay, uninterrupted action and beautiful graphics are what you need for a standout gaming experience. An Intel Core i7-7700 Processor makes sure your Vortex Fusion XT PC runs with the speed, stability and fluidity you need from a high-end gaming machine.Effortless PC managementIt’s simple to run your gaming PC with GeForce technology. One click is all you need to update drivers – you won’t have to leave your desktop. Features like GeForce ShadowPlay let you record your gameplay and share your accomplishments automatically on the web.Microsoft Office & internet security This PC doesn’t come with a full version of Microsoft Office or Internet Security. But don’t worry, you’ll find great savings on software with the bundles available on the ‘Top Deals’ tab on this page.___________________________________________________________________________Intel, the Intel logo, Celeron, Intel Atom, Intel Core, Intel. Experience What’s Inside, Intel Inside, the Intel Inside logo, Intel Optane, Intel RealSense, Intel Unite, Iris, Pentium, Thunderbolt, the Thunderbolt logo, and Ultrabook are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.