Msi Trident X Plus Intel Core I7-9700K 16Gb Ram 1Tb Hard Drive 1Tb Ssd, Rtx 2080 Super Gaming Desktop -Black


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MSI Trident X Plus Intel Core i7-9700K 16GB RAM 1TB Hard Drive 1TB SSD, RTX 2080 SUPER Gaming Desktop -Black The MSI Trident X Plus Gaming Desktop PC is built for success. TINY YET POWERFUL Trident X Plus is the world’s smallest gaming desktop to incorporate Intel® 9th gen Core i7 CPU. Take a huge leap in performance with the Core i7-9700K processor! Experience boosted gameplay and faster rendering by up to 50% better in performance. Trident X Plus can provide impressive performance for any tasks including gaming and video editing. THE LATEST 9TH GEN INTEL® CORE™ I7K SERIES PROCESSOR The MSI Trident X Plus gaming PC is built with the most powerful generation of Intel® Core™ i7K desktop processors. Whether you are a gamer looking for a fantastic in-game experience with the performance headroom for smooth live streaming or you are a creator that is ready to do more creating and sharing, with less time waiting, this new generation of processor is ready to take you to that new level. GROUNDBREAKING 2080 SUPER GRAPHICS CARD MSI gaming desktop is built with MSI fan cooling RTX 2080 SUPER Graphics Cards. The new GeForce RTX™ Series has even more cores and higher clocks, bringing you performance that’s up to 25% faster than the original RTX 20 Series and 6x faster than the previous-generation 10 Series GPUs. SILENT STORM COOLING 3 To get outstanding performance MSI Gaming Desktops are equipped with an exclusive, smart and powerful cooling system. MSI’s Silent Storm Cooling embraces several separated chambers that individually take care of different components within the system. This unique design makes sure the system’s temperature stays perfectly under control, supporting a cool and silent operation. THE LATEST WIFI 6 TECHNOLOGY MSI Gaming product features the latest Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax standard with speeds up to 2.4Gbps, which is 3x times faster than the ethernet LAN. The latency is also 75% lower than the previous generation. With Wi-Fi 6 technology, MSI is destined to break the speed myth of wireless connection.  Depth: 396 MM Intel Core i7-9700K processor 3.6GHz – Turbo Boost up to 4.9GHz RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB GDDR6 WiFi: AX200 (WIFI 6) This unique design makes sure the PC’s temperature stays perfectly under control, supporting a cool and silent operation. W10 Home Built-in carry handle – Take your Gaming Desktop everywhere with the easy to carry handle. Audio Boost: Reward your ears with studio grade sound quality Graphics: RTX 2080 SUPER Hard Drive Storage: 1 Tb Height: 383 MM Processor: i7-9700K RAM Memory: 16 GB Touch Screen: N Width: 130 MM Wifi Enabled: Y